PowerSlim on codeplex

We have lanched the PowerSlim project on codeplex.

Q: Why CodePlex? Why not GitHub or LaunchPad?

A: This project is intended to bring the Microsoft Windows PowerShell scripting language to the acceptance testing world. The current implementation is built on top of IronPython2.6. So it looks like the all ways lead us to Microsoft 🙂


HOWTO SETUP PowerSlim Step by Step

This instruction is depricated. Use https://vlasenko.org/2011/01/31/how-to-start-with-powerslim/ instead.

There is the setup package available from the powerSlim 0.2. It will install all you need (Fitnesse, IronPython, WaferSlim, PowerSlim) to the C:\PowerSlim folder. Use it to get the idea how to setup PowerSlim. Later you can use your own installation of the Fitnesse and/or IronPython. Please be sure that you have Java 6 installed before. You will get the Green Demo Suite at the end of the setup process. There are small amount of tests for a while. There will be more soon, stay tuned!

Original post starts here:
We have two hosts:
  • BUILDER (where we build our project)
  • TESTMACHINE (where we have SUT)
In that case we need to follow next steps to get the power of PowerSlim:
  1. BUILDER: install Java 6
  2. BUILDER: download the latest fitnesse.jar
  3. BUILDER: install Fitnesse http://fitnesse.org/FitNesse.UserGuide.DownloadingAndInstallingFitNesse
  4. TESTMACHINE: install the latest IronPython. Please use the msi to install it with the standard Python library. Use the folder without white-spaces (e.g. c:\IronPython) while installation.IronPython setup wizard
  5. TESTMACHINE: download the latest waferslim
  6. TESTMACHINE: put waferslim folder to the \IronPython\Lib\site-packages directory
  7. TESTMACHINE: download the latest PowerSlim
  8. TESTMACHINE: put it to some folder (e.g. c:\PowerSlim)
  9. TESTMACHINE: install PowerShell 2.0
Now we are ready for testing…to be continued…

Why Iron?

IronPython is an implementation of the Python programming language, targeting the .NET Framework and Mono, created by Jim Hugunin. Today Jim on his session “Deep Dive: Dynamic Languages in Microsoft .NET” has explained the Iron nature. It is the acronim from the “Implementation running on .Net”.