PowerSlim small (1 min) intro video

How to start with PowerSlim

PowerSlim project on github

PowerSlim and SQL

The main idea of the PowerSlim is to use the PowerShell scripting language. I realised that an acceptance test is nothing more than SUT and environment administration, while dealing with acceptance testing for the last 5 years. Check out my small post about the HLT pattern. So why don’t use the power of the administrative languages like PowerShell?

Actually, the road to PowerSlim was started at 2006, when the .NET implementation of the Fitnesse fixtures – PowerShellRow, PowerShellColumn and etc. were written by me. Then it became possible to write something like this “start-service MyService” on the Fitnesse page instead of a fixture in the implementation code. So the tests have become more transparent. Please, keep the HLT pattern in mind! It should always be possible to deal with a SUT in such a “simple” way. There is something wrong with your production design, if it isn’t. But don’t worry. You are still able to write a “nonadministrative” code with the PowerShell (e.g. (new-object MyClass).CreateJob())

PowerSlim? What does it mean?

First of all, don’t treat this one as a new acceptance testing framework (ATF). It is a small but powerful plugin for the Fitnesse ATF.

The current implementation is pure PowerShell implementation.

The project is hosted on GitHub.

6 thoughts on “PowerSlim

  1. Thank you very much for making this available. I am completely new to Fit and FitNesse but after a few days of reading and experimenting I am genuinely excited about how I can integrate FitNesse and PowerSlim into my development environment. I’m excited about testing, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever said before.🙂

  2. hello! found one problem and solvation.

    when I ran “Test2remotes” test suite of Powershell20Compatibility section, I got 2 exceptions.

    after I added ” ; sleep 1″ to every line
    start-process PowerShell “-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -file .\slim.ps1 server” -PassThru

    the exceptions are gone

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