Howto change IBM Connections 4.5 hostname?

Have created the IBM Connections 4.5 image. Now I need to be able to clone it.

  1. Command to check you WAS node hostname:
    wsadmin.bat -user wasadmin -password pa$$word-c "$AdminConfig show (cells/CONNECTIONSCell01/nodes/CONNECTIONSCellManager01|serverindex.xml#ServerIndex_1)

    Command to change WAS node hostname:

    wsadmin.bat -user wasadmin -password pa$$word -c "$AdminConfig modify (cells/CONNECTIONSCell01/nodes/CONNECTIONSCellManager01|serverindex.xml#ServerIndex_1) {{hostName}}"
  2. I’ve also changed C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\config\cells\CONNECTIONSCell01\LotusConnections-config\LotusConnections-config.xml to reflect changes in the hostname

But it still doesn’t work 😦
Do you have any ideas?