From Evolution to Inevitolution by Dmitri Dozortsev

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Civilization development is driven by scientific discoveries which have to inevitably happen. One human being has very little value for this inevitability: individual human’s only intrinsic inevitable quality is death. As number of humans was small, it was taking a long time from one discovery to another. For example, it took thousands of years to exit the stone age and enter bronze age. The man who came up with the first stone tool had no competition for thousands of years. Today, when I get a “new” idea in my small and highly specialized field, I can be assured with 99% certainty that someone had exactly the same idea a few days or perhaps few years ago. It becomes incredibly hard to be original … which means that all possible discoveries became inevitable. This inevitability of increased complexity of civilization is not directed by anything or anybody, but an intrinsic property of a large group of humans: everything that can be discovered advancing humanity to an unknown, unpredictable and yet inevitable finale.  We do not know who will make a discoveries, we don’t know how it will happen, but they will happen with absolute certainty. Just like in quantum mechanics, everything that can happen will happen, given enough time.

This increase of complexity is not only inevitable, but the speed with which inevitable outcome is achieved is continuously accelerating by virtue of population increase.




Split a project between the teams and not other way around!

Software development managers accustomed to moving people around the projects.
Instead they should be able to split a project between the teams and not other way around!
This implies that software development manager should be a software development practitioner.
There is a lot of similar ideas around this topic below by Pieter Hintjens

Canada Work Permit: Firts year tax return in Canada

All about your tax return
Unless you resided in Canada all year, you also need one or more of the following publications
Newcomers to Canada 2012 – I assume this document doesn’t apply for you if you are staying in Canada by using Work Permit.

This pamphlet is for you if you left another country to settle in Canada in 2012.
This pamphlet will introduce you to the Canadian tax system and help you to complete your first income tax and benefit return as a resident of Canada.
If you are in Canada temporarily in 2012, this pamphlet does not apply to you. Instead, see Guide T4058, Non Residents and Income Tax

Non-Residents and Income Tax 2012

Were you a non-resident in 2012?

You were a non-resident of Canada for tax purposes in 2012 if one of the following situations applies to you:

you did not have significant residential ties in Canada and you lived outside Canada throughout the year, except if you were a deemed resident of Canada. For example, you could be a deemed resident of Canada if you were an employee of the Government of Canada posted abroad. For more information, go to International and non-resident taxes;
you did not have significant residential ties in Canada and you stayed in Canada for less than 183 days in the year. Any day or part of a day spent in Canada counts as a day. If you lived in the United States and commuted to work in Canada, do not include commuting days in the calculation; or
you were deemed not to be resident in Canada under the Income Tax Act because of the provisions of a tax treaty Canada has with another country.

NR7-R Application for Refund Part XIII Tax Withheld
General Income Tax and Benefit Guide for Non-Residents and Deemed Residents of Canada – 2012

Cloud adds new statement to Manifesto for Agile Software Development

The cloud is not only a new way to more easily and cheaply get the computing power needed to do what companies and individuals are doing today…
This may be the most important benefit of the cloud—it enables companies of all sizes and in all sectors, as well as governments, non-profits, and individuals, to more quickly build new applications and services –

Cloud is agility and efficiency of computing. Agile team should be in the cloud.

It means that you should do your job completely in the cloud whenever possible. Developing, Testing, Presenting, e.t.c.

BTW: Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Программисты в первую очередь ответственны за демографию в России

Интересное интервью на

Вы же не призываете население России во имя размножения сломя голову селиться в деревнях?
– Нет, конечно. Речь идёт о принципиальной смене типа поселения и внешнего вида нашего жилья, его параметров. Если выделить достаточный материальный ресурс, полностью изменить стратегию расселения людей и тип жилищных поселений, то с использованием средств современных дистанционных коммуникаций, можно организовать вполне хорошо работающий класс домашних хозяев, мужчин и женщин, которые будут заняты не только выращиванием помидоров, но и высокими технологиями, в том числе. И это будет прорыв и в экономике, и в демографическом развитии.

Давно думал над проблемой того, что софтверные компании открывают в городах большие офисы для своих сотрудников. С различных концов города каждое утро сотни программистов пробиваются на работу, через пробки и метро, чтобы собраться в команду из 3 – 10 человек. Программистам не нужны крупные офисы в городе – мы не работаем (как правило) с клиентами (как например банковский служащий), которым надо приезжать к нам в офис. Так почему бы не организовать офисы за пределами КАД? А если пойти дальше?! То социально ориентированному софтверному работодателю с деньгами, было бы разумнее выкупать котеджи или танхаусы в котеджных поселках для своих сотрудников. И поселять программистов и их семьи в этих домах на условиях аренды, с возможностью, последующего выкупа, например после 10 лет работы. Там же организовывать мини-офисы. Красота;) Соответственно, если у вас достаточно воображения – то можно увидеть, что проблема демографии будет решена!
По идеи государство должно быть в этом заинтересовано. Соответственно надо работать в этом направлении…Иначе многие уедут туда, где люди уже поколениями живут по этой схеме (не только программисты).

You are smart but we don’t have a such position

Would you hire an actor without an audition? You wouldn’t last long as a director if you did. But this is exactly what almost all companies who hire software developers do today. Usually the process involves talking through an applicant’s experience with them. And that’s all. Imagine asking an aspiring actor if they enjoyed their role as Hamlet. Did you play him well? Good. You’re hired! Many famous software companies propose brainteasers for their applicants. Some top companies even give candidates an IQ test. The best of them run candidates through a simulated software problem on a whiteboard. This is a sorry state of affairs. I’m going to state (what should be) the obvious: the only way to hire good programmers reliably is to program with them. I run programmers though a one-hour, rapid-fire, pair programming interview – and that’s just the start. Having done it over a thousand times, I can score developers relative to each other on a 100-point scale. What do I look for? Mental quickness, ability to think abstractly, algorithmic facility, problem-solving ability. And most importantly, empathy. Because collaboration is the most important thing we do, and it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you can’t relate to how other people think.source