HOWTO: Create AWS EC2 spot instance with the specific IAM Role

Get IAMInstanceProfile

$iam=[Amazon.AWSClientFactory]::CreateAmazonIdentityManagementClient($awsKeyId, $awsKey)
$req = (new-object Amazon.IdentityManagement.Model.GetInstanceProfileRequest).WithInstanceProfileName('S3Reader')
$res = $iam.GetInstanceProfile($req1).GetInstanceProfileResult
$iamprofile = (new-object Amazon.EC2.Model.IAMInstanceProfile).WithArn($res.InstanceProfile.Arn).WithId($res.InstanceProfile.InstanceProfileId)

Create LaunchSpecification

$spec = (new-object Amazon.EC2.Model.LaunchSpecification).WithInstanceProfile($iamprofile).WithSecurityGroup('your security group')
$spec.ImageId = 'ami0000000'
$spec.InstanceType = 'm1.small'

Create spot request

$ec2=[Amazon.AWSClientFactory]::CreateAmazonEC2Client($awsKeyId, $awsKey)
$req = new-object Amazon.EC2.Model.RequestSpotInstancesRequest
$req.InstanceCount = 1
$req.SpotPrice = '0.02'
$req.LaunchSpecification = $spec

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