ESXTOP command line monitoring tool for ESXi

Esxtop allows monitoring and collection of data for all system resources: CPU, memory, disk and network. It works with the free-licensed ESXi as well.

  1. enable remote console access to your ESXi host.
  2. open console session or ssh to ESX(i) and type:  esxtop -h … and get the basic idea of usage
  3. then you can run the next command: esxtop -n 100 > statistics.csv
  4. download the statistics.csv file to the windows machine
  5. start perfmon and select this file as a source
  6. it is also possible to use esxplot tool to analyse this file

Interpreting esxtop Statistics


vEcoShell by Quest Software

Just want to introuduce the management tool for VMWare ESXi. It works with the free-licensed ESXi as well.  The main benefit is that you can manage a lot of ESXi servers from the one console. You can get the information in one window across all of your VMs from all managed ESXi servers.

To start working you need to install Windows PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI first. Then you need to install vEcoShell. Enjoy!


Gather – Access data from multiple standalone ESX Servers or vCenter instances to consolidate information from every layer of the virtualization stack including the operating systems, applications and infrastructure services.
Filter – Easily identify inconsistencies and provide “health checks” on any virtual infrastructure and multi-platform environment with powerful time-saving filters that can be tuned, saved and leverage across the organization.
Remediate – Reduce errors and streamline repetitive administrative tasks by efficiently modifying multiple objects across the infrastructure in a single operation.
Report – Rapidly generate and customize reports for all types of IT- and business-related processes – save and print to a variety of formats such as XML, CSV, HTML and Microsoft Visio.
Integrate – Leverage Windows PowerShell technology across the virtual environment to provide unparalleled integration capabilities with hypervisors, operating systems and application workloads, including support for Vizioncore vControl and Vizioncore vRanger Pro.