Fitnesse: the results for |check not| for BLANK is confusing me

It is too confusing that the Fitnesse highlight expected [BLANK] in second case.

The right exporting folder

check execute cmd /c dir /B “C:\ExportEmpty” BLANK
check not execute cmd /c dir /B “c:\ExportNotEmpty” [2d1313b9-cfb8-4405-8e5f-91f34b5a1e08 ]

expected [BLANK]

The best way is to say NOT EXPECTED [BLANK]

the script for the page:

|check|execute|cmd /c dir /B “C:\ExportEmpty”|BLANK|
|check not|execute|cmd /c dir /B “c:\ExportNotEmpty”|BLANK|

BTW: Why should I type BLANK for the second scenario? I’ll get the IGNORE result if I left them empty

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